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The Food Service Department is a Self-Funded Entity.

Our success comes from your support and sales!

To view student meal account history, please log in or create an account with

National School Lunch Program & School Breakfast Program

Austintown Local Schools participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP)
sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Through our partnership with the USDA, we strive to offer nutritionally balanced, low-cost, or free meals to our students to help fuel their minds in the classroom each school day. The USDA recognizes 5 food groups important at each meal: Grains (G), Meat/Meat Alternatives (MMA), Fruit (F), Vegetable (V), and Dairy (D). Our staff is here to guide and educate our students on the importance of eating a complete meal and we will encourage them to make healthy decisions when choosing their breakfast/lunch.

Lunch Account Information

We encourage parents to utilize the K-12 Online Payment center to add funds into their student’s account. There are many benefits to creating a free account – you can set up low balance alerts, view meal history, and transfer lunch account funds between your student accounts. There is a small transaction fee when you make an online payment. These funds are deposited automatically into the student’s account.

You may also send money to school with your child to be added to their account during the lunch. Please send cash or check (made out to their school cafeteria, i.e. Austintown Elementary School Cafeteria) in an envelope with their student ID number and full name. If you have three (3) checks returned NSF, we will no longer accept checks as payment. You will have to send cash, or use

Student ID Number

Each student is assigned a student ID number when they enroll in our schools, and it's also their cafeteria number. This number can be obtained through Progress Book, or your school secretary. Students will enter their ID number when they are at the cashier.

Extras & À la carte

We do not restrict what your child can purchase, as long as they have a positive balance in their account. If a parent would like to request a restriction on their student’s account they need to call the Food Service Office at 330797-3900 x2032.

If a student has a negative balance in their account and they have cash to buy extras or à la carte items, we will refuse the sale until the negative balance is resolved.

Charging Meals

We will never deter a student from purchasing a meal or refuse to serve a meal to a student. In the event that your child forgot their packed lunch or their lunch money, they may charge up to 5 complete meals in our cafeteria. Extras and à la carte items can never be charged.

Once the charge limit is reached, the Food Service Department will make repeated notification to the family until the balance is resolved. This balance is considered a school fee and carries with each student throughout their tenure in our district.

Negative balances MUST be paid in order for report cards to be distributed, transcripts to be given, or seniors to walk at commencement.

To view student meal account history, please log in or create an account with