Thank you for your generous support in feeding our students!


Donations to the Food Services Department are used to help other Falcon Families in our district that may be unable to resolve their meal charges.
The donations are made anonymously to our department and the Food Services Department will apply these funds to outstanding student meal accounts.




Donations are…

…applied to student meal accounts with outstanding balances

…made anonymous to our food service department

…used for students in any grade


Meal Charge Donations FAQ's

How are donated funds used? 
Donation funds are applied to outstanding student meal accounts.

Who can receive donated funds?
Students in all grade levels with outstanding meal charges could receive donation funds.

Why do students have meal charges?
Students accumulate meal charges when they are unable to pay for their breakfast or lunch, which they are still served. Meal charges are a school fee that remain on a student's account until paid in full. 

Are meals free for all students during 2021-2022?
Yes, the USDA temporarily extended meal benefits to all students, however, meal charges accumulated prior to the pandemic still remain and are owed on the student's meal account. 

What is the total meal charge debt in the district?
Meal charge debt is a fluid number that goes up in down. We currently have approximately $14,000.00 in outstanding meal charges across the district. 

Can I make a donation with cash or check?
Yes. Make checks payable to AF Food Services. Please send to the Food Services Office at

Austintown Elementary School
Attention: Alexis Weber - Donations
245 Idaho Road
Austintown, OH  44515